Community Bulletin Request

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I understand that this community bulletin board is intended to make the church body aware of specific needs in our community and to display opportunities to serve. LAVC reserves the right to deny requests which do not align with our vision and values and/or fail to meet the posting guidelines.

I understand that the approval of my request does not guarantee the request will be fulfilled. I assume responsibility to communicate well with any volunteers about dates, times, and specific materials needed to fulfill my request. As the volunteer coordinator, I agree to be present at the event to guide volunteers and ensure they are resourced well. I understand that a failure to communicate properly and/or adhere to these guidelines may result in future requests being denied.

I understand that it will take up to 7 business days for my request to be reviewed.

I also understand that I can't use this form for fundraising, financial support, or anything else that is seeking monetary action.
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Release of Information

I understand that my contact information and request will be made public so those interested in my event/request have the means necessary to contact me and get more information about this request. If no, this request will be denied.
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Description of Need/Request/Event

In 2 paragraphs or less please explain the need/request/event. This is the text that we will modify and use to advertise on our site. We will not formulate our own text based on a flier that is attached to this form. We will only use the text submitted here for advertising for this event/need.
Date & Time of Event

All requests for volunteers and advertising must have a date listed except for opportunities that are ongoing. If this is an ongoing request simply type "ongoing". If for example you are looking for assistance to rake your yard because you have health issues and are unable to, you must provide a specific date and time that the volunteers are to arrive and rake the yard.
Location of Event or Need

Physical address of where the event is going to be held, where volunteers are needed, or where the need will be meet. If there isn't a location because of the type of need fill in with "NA". If it's the same address as listed in the contact field, simply state that below as "same as above".
Community Impact

How does meeting this need or advertising for this event impact or solve a problem for our community?
Document Upload

If you have a flier, photo, pamphlet, etc that goes with this request please attach that item here.


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